Simmons Island Imperial Blonde

This craft ale by Rustic Road Brewing Company is a sweet, smooth American blonde ale, amped up with copious amounts of Wisconsin honey. The brew contains 8.4% alcohol per volume.

Simmons Island Imperial Blonde

Rustic Road Brewing Company is located in the heart of downtown Kenosha, Wis. The company prides itself on making its own beers right on site in small batches in Wisconsin artisan style. The brewery contains a tasting room, full service bar and brewing classes.

Bringing Together Grapes, Honey at Meadery of the Rockies

Bringing Together Grapes, Honey at Meadery of the Rockies

Growing up in northern California’s wine country gave Meadery of the Rockies owner Glenn Foster the ideal experience for taking over a meadery.

Already familiar with making wine, Foster jumped into the process of learning honey fermentation. Thanks to his affinity for great ingredients and dedication to innovation, Meadery of the Rockies is a leading producer of award-winning, flavorful meads.

Where do you get your inspiration for your mead varieties?

We are inspired by our wildly faithful customers who rant and rave about how much they love our meads. Our meads are very different from most mead because they are made in more of a wine style, with crisp and fresh flavors, where the sweetness is balanced by some tartness. Every meadery has its own way of doing things—we’re no exception. Our customers appreciate that we’re unique, and our winemaking team is inspired by our passion for making the best products we possibly can. It all boils down to sharing the joy of honey wine.

What varietal of honey is your favorite?

Orange blossom honey is fantastic stuff. First, it’s a very light honey, so it has a mild, unobtrusive flavor. The beauty in this is that we blend our honey wine with quite a number of other fruit wines and special ingredients, so it carries those other flavors with grace and poise. The ability to “give stage” to another actor is important in theatrical performances, and the same is true on the stage of flavor profiles. Orange blossom honey shares the stage willingly yet its presence is still very perceptible. It also has a beautiful floral, aromatic component that’s hard to beat. When you smell it you can almost picture the orange blossoms.

Why do you love working with honey?

We love working with honey because it is a wonderful, natural product that is fun to play with. We’re lucky to work with something where the biggest downside is that it’s a bit sticky. It’s really astounding to ponder how many bees it takes to create the honey that we use to make just one of our typical 2,800 gallon batches of mead! Another beautiful quality about honey is that it never spoils. If we have a couple of big production years in a row and the price drops, we can stock up and not worry about it going bad.

Do you have any plans to develop more varieties of mead?

We actually are working on making a new product this year made from local wildflower honey and flavored with local lavender flowers. We’re still toying with what to call it. It might end up as “Lavender & Honey,” but one alternative is “Local Motion.” I’m sure there are other possibilities but we’re thinking it will be really delicious.

How has your winery grown through the years?

One of the big ways we’ve grown is how we think about ourselves as a company. We are a collection of like-minded individuals bent on creating and delivering excellent products and excellent service to our wonderful customers.


Sports, Energy Drinks Invigorate Summer of 2014

It’s that time of year when the days are longer, filled with more sunshine and seemingly more hours.

Americans are a notoriously busy bunch, looking for the latest in energy boosts to last throughout the day. Many consumers seek out sports and energy drinks for that powerful punch, and now more than ever, consumers are searching for all-natural ways of fulfilling that need.

Honey is an all-natural sweetener that not only provides a great taste, but also 17 grams of carbohydrates per tablespoon. It’s the perfect sweetener for energy and sports beverages. According to market research firm Mintel, Americans cite a lack of energy as the main reason for a lack of daily productivity. Instead of taking the time to eat a large meal, which in turn may contribute to lethargy, Americans are turning to beverages.

Not only do beverages provide a bevy of nutrients and vitamins, they also can contain several all-natural energy elements that don’t come with a “crash” after the energetic benefits wear off. Not only does honey fit into the all-natural category, but it also can mask the off-flavor of ingredients in some all-natural sports and energy drinks.

The sports drink category grew 30% from $5.4 to nearly $7 billion between 2008 and 2013, according to Mintel. HoneyMaxx’s all-natural sports drink helped boost these numbers with a drink loaded with natural antioxidants and a full electrolyte profile of potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium. Coming in orange and lemon lime flavors, HoneyMaxx uses dried honey as its main carbohydrate source.

Pure Leaf Honey Green Tea

Pure Leaf Honey Green Tea

Pure Leaf Iced Tea, a product of The Pepsi Lipton Tea Partnership, has launched its newest flavor, Pure Leaf Tea & Lemonade.

The beverage is available in 18.5-oz. single-serve bottles and a 59-oz. multi-serve chilled carafe. One of its hottest flavors of the summer is the Not Too Sweet Honey Flavor Green Tea. The new light flavor of green tea leaves is combined with the delicious taste of honey, and the product is only 100 calories per bottle.

LinPepCo has more than 25 years of soft drink and vending product distribution experience. The company includes four soft drink franchises in the Midwest as well as a full-line vending company. Company headquarters are in Lincoln, Neb.

Functional Dairy Drinks Moooving Into Consumers’ Lives

“Don’t drink your calories” may be a thing of the past, at least if the functional beverage dairy market has anything to say about it.

Drinks that are good for you, including those that may even serve as complete meal replacements, are catching the eye of dairy consumers more than ever before. reports that functional beverages make up more than 63% of the $44 billion combined functional food and drink category. Global numbers are expected to grow even more by the end of the year. Consumers look at dairy, particularly milk, as having nutritional value, so combining great tasting, nutritional ingredients within a dairy product makes for an ideal beverage combination. Consumers are looking for drinks with some sort of protein, whey, fiber and probiotic element.

Rikka Cornelia, product manager at BL Nutraceuticals, told Dairy Foods that “Dairy is inherently functional and healthy, and consumers are well aware of this. This leads to greater acceptance of functional dairy-based products since individuals are more willing to try new products when delivered in something familiar, like milk. Manufacturers don’t need to focus on proving the beverages’ benefits as much as they do with functional foods.”

Core Power’s Honey 26g combines milk and honey, making for 26 grams of protein and 700 mg of calcium in each serving. The milkshake is lactose-free and has a large amount of whey and casein, even better for people trying to build lean muscle while keeping the body strong.